Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome Home Jackson

Everybody was so excited to meet Jackson, well almost everybody. Jameson was less than thrilled. All the other kids wanted to touch and hold him. Jada was immediately in love! She loves holding him, and helping out with him. Jameson finally came around the next morning. He said he wanted to hold him. He held him for a few seconds and decided that was enough. It's a start. He's a very good baby. He doesn't really cry a lot, just fusses. We come out on the couch at night and snuggle until he settles down. We love having him around. He brings lots of joy.


  1. Jenny, thank you for sharing your birth story! You are an amazing mother:-) David and I are very happy for you and Justin because you have been blessed with these precious children who are such a delight and you're both incredible parents!
    Love, Ruth


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