Saturday, March 21, 2015

Warmer Weather

The weather is starting to warm up! This means more outside time. Jada loves being outside the most. She can't wait for all the little bugs to come out. She found a beetle type bug, put it in a container, and named it Shell Protector. Then she found a moth and put it in the same container as the bug. The next day she went out to check on them, and that's when I heard, "Shell Protector, you're not allowed to eat moths, you're goin' to the chickens!" Apparently Shell Protector was eating the month. So she fed Shell Protector to the chickens. She is too funny.

All the kids love going outside to play together. When they are outside, they seem to get along better. Everybody wins. :) We are all loving the warmer weather. I even have flowers popping up!

Jackson is growing, growing, growing! The infant stage goes by so quickly. :( He is still a pretty good baby. He does get fussy right around 4:00pm for a few hours. It's not bad though.

Last week I found out Josiah wants to be a paleontologist or a geologist when he growns up. He said that he wanted to be a scientist that finds dinosaur bones and rocks. I also found out that he does NOT want to be an astronaut. He was horrified at the mere thought of it.

Jameson is still a hurricane of destruction. Longest "phase" ever. All we can do is stay consistent and remember to praise more than we correct. It seems to be taking forever. He is a big helper and he likes it when he gets to help Josiah with his chores. His favorite book is the same book that was Josiah's  favorite book when he was Jameson's age. It's called, Car and Trucks and Things that Go. He likes finding Gold Bug just like Josiah did. It's sweet.

Juliet is getting so big. She loves her big sister. You can generally find those two together. I think
their personalities really complement eachother. Her favorite animal is a jaguar. It's actually been the jaguar for over a year now. She has a collection of plastic ones and stuffed ones. When I asked her what she wanted for he birthday she said she wanted more Jaguars. I've noticed she is more reserved than Jada, but she is not as shy around strangers like Jada. She's just so sweet. I can't get enough of he hugs.

Last week the Stool Bus dropped by our house. We were long over due! The kids got to see Dad in action!

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