Monday, April 13, 2015


Jackson is growing so quickly. It's times like these when I wish life had a pause button. I'm so enjoying being a wife and mom to a bunch of littles. Jackson couldn't be a sweeter baby. He is so content. He rarely cries. He use to get a bit fussy around dinner time, but not anymore. He is sweet and happy. We went to Albuquerque last weekend and he was content almost the entire time. It was a six hour drive there and back, plus all the driving we did around town. He didn't get fussy once in the car. The only time he got fussy was while we were at the zoo, but it was short lived. Never once have we had a baby  that was that quiet on a trip into town. It's incredible. He's content just to lay back and look around. It's such a new experience. I love having a baby in the house and am going to miss this stage in life tremendously.

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