Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring is Here!

We are so happy to have warm weather. The kids love playing outside. We have sundflowers popping up everywhere. The kids have been trying to take care of all the little sunflowers. Jameson likes to pick them, but thankfully we have tons of them.
Last weekend my laundry room finally got finished. I cannot thank everybody, that helped, enough. I love it! I have so much more space and storage. We have been decluttering this past week and it feels so nice.
Josiah helping with laundry in our "new" laundry room.

Lots of storage space.

Uma Thurman's long lost twin.

Our tiny smiley. 

Jameson is still not talking yet, so trying to figure out what he is saying is like playing a really bad game of charades. Finally, after me guessing wrong many times, he went over and pointed to Jackson. Come to find out he wanted to hold him.

Josiah finished up first grade this week. Now that he can read we purchased him his very own Bible and carrying case. He is so excited to have one of his own. We will start second grade on Monday. Jada has already started The Learning to Read program. We have started art and science too.  Jada and Josiah are doing CLE's art curriculum and for science we are doing Apologia Astonomy. The kids all get to participate in astronomy and Dad has been doing the experiments with them. 
We've been busy, but having fun. :)

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