Saturday, May 30, 2015

Everybody VS The Flu

Last Saturday Josiah, Jada, Juliet and I started feeling sick. The next day the four of us were really sick. We had fevers, body aches, cough and congestion. It was miserable. Monday Justin had to go to work. It was a long day. The three older kids had high fevers I was trying to keep down, while taking care of an infant, while feeling absolutely awful myself. Jameson was still feeling ok so I sent him over to Grammy's. By Thursday Justin and Jameson came down with it.
Thursday just so happened to be Josiah's birthday. It did not go as I planned. We were all still feeling yucky. Grammy made his cake for him and cooked tacos for us. Even though he didn't feel good, the night before his birthday he found a specific shirt and pants he wanted to wear. He washed and dried them, and as soon as he woke up the next morning, he put them on. It was so sweet. 
Here we are a whole week later. The kids and I are feeling a lot better. We do have a lingering cough. Justin is still down. Baby Jackson has stayed healthy this whole time. I have to credit that to breastfeeding.
7 Years old!

                                                           Feeling sick, but still smiling

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jada VS The Bookshelf

I was in the laundry room folding clothes when I heard a thunk and some crying. Around here there are a lot of thunks and a lot of crying. It's usually never serious. I wasn't concerned, until I heard, "Jada has blood dripping!" I ran to Jada and found lots of blood coming from her head. I could not find where it was coming from at first. Then I found it. I immediately knew it needed stitches. I do not handle these situations well. I almost called 911 however, I was able to get a hold of Justin and he called his mom, Penny, to come over and take a look. Meanwhile, I got the blood flow stopped, and I made another call to find someone to come watch the kids while I took Jada to the ER. After Penny looked at it, and Pam arrived to watch the kids, we loaded up Jackson and Jada. Penny followed  me to the ER. By the time we got loaded up in the car, Jada had already stopped crying. By the time I was driving down the road,  she was singing. I met Justin at the ER, and we went in with Jada while Penny stayed out in the car with Jackson.
When we got into the ER, it was packed. We had to wait to get a room. After we got a room, they put some topical numbing solution on her wound. Then they cleaned it out. She barely even flinched during the process. A little while later the Dr. came in and put two staples in her head. She didn't even cry. She whimpered and held my hands tight, but she didn't cry. She's one tough girl! We finished up with a trip to get ice cream.
She is doing well and still wild. The two staples in her head haven't slowed her down one bit. She freaks me out with all the crazy things she does.
So what happened? Well, when Jada was making her bed, she went to step off  her bed, lost her balance and fell backwards onto the edge of the bookshelf. She recreated the experience for me when we got home from the ER. I thought she he hit the corner of the bookshelf, but it was one of the shelves on the bookshelf that she hit. I'm so glad she is ok. 

Fickle Weather

The weather has been bright and sunny one day and snowing the next. I'm ready to get my garden in, but I am afraid I might lose it to the cold. So I wait.
Last week it snowed all day one day! The next day was beautiful, so we took advantage and had a picnic.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beautiful Weather!

Everyone's growing so quickly. Time is just flying by. We have been busy with school and planting flowers. We are getting ready to start our garden in the next few weeks. The kids have been spending tons of time outside. They absolutely love being outside. The weather has been beautiful theses last few days. We have even been able to get some walks in. 
Josiah has started second grade! Jada has started CLE's Learning to Read program. She has already finished a few light units, now we have slowed it down and are only doing half a lesson at a time. It's much easier that way. Juliet and Jameson spend most their time playing and exploring. Jackson is still the quietest baby I have ever met. He just a sweet little thing. 
Some pictures from our zoo trip.

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