Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Overdue update

We started school back up a few weeks ago. Josiah is in second grade and I am slowly started starting Jada in first grade.
I have moved everybody into one room while we do school work. Everybody sits at the dinning room table during school. It takes us all morning with breaks to get through the core subjects. It's going well so far.
Juliet had her fourth birthday! She is just the sweetest little girl. She decided on a Dora and Diego cake. We opened presents, had cake, and played some games. She told Justin, "Even when I get bigger, I will still be your Tiny Little." So sweet. 

The kids have been helping me with the garden this year. The like o help cut the ends off the beans. They all get scissors and cut away. It's actually very helpful.
We have been having a great summer!

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