Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Jackson!

This guy turns one today! I can't believe it's already been a year. He is already walking well and into everything. He's always ready with a smile and a snuggle. His favorite word to say is "Whoa", and we love hearing him say it.  His favorite playmate is Jada and he loves when she holds him. Happy Birthday Jackson!

Friday, January 29, 2016

A New Year

It's been a while. We have celebrated a few birthdays and are ready to celebrate another! Justin, and Jada had birthdays in December. Jameson just had a birthday and now we are getting ready for Jackson's first birthday! 

The weather has been nice lately so the kids have been spending more time outside. We have also been keeping up with school.
 Josiah is halfway through second grade. He is doing very well and his reading has improved tremendously. He loves reading anything wildlife related, as long as it's non-fiction. He loves facts and learning all about certain animals. Sharks and snakes are among his favorites. 

Jada is has started first grade and is doing excellent in math. It's by far her best subject. Sometimes she will even answer Josiah's math problems. She also LOVES holding Jackson, and Jackson loves it when she holds him. She is really good with him.
                Jada turned Six in Dec.

Juliet has learned to write her name.  She writes it on EVERYTHING! Floors, counter tops, toys, paper etc. 
Jameson is doing well. I'm thinking of starting Juliet and him in the same grade. He is busy and almost always happy. I haven't started any formal schooling with him yet.
              Jameson just turned three!
Jackson is such a delight. He is one of our earliest walkers. He rarely crawls now and is all over the place. We just moved him into his own crib and he has made the transition smoothly. 
On a side note. The two children we co slept with from the beginning made the transition to the crib in their own room the smoothest. Interesting. So far it has been a great year!
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