Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Day in the Life...

I decided last night I was going to do another post on a day in our lives. These posts are mainly for me to remember how life was. I really enjoy going back and reading the previous ones. I had no idea it was going to be a long night which will change up our day a bit.

2:00 am Jackson starts to fuss. He fusses on and off for about an hour.
3:00 am Jackson's on an off fussing turns into a full blow cry. I wait a few minutes. I hope maybe he will settle down. He doesn't so I go in there to nurse him. 
3:30 I finish nursing and lay him back down. He fusses a bit, but settles down.
4:00 am. The heater kicks on, and Jackson starts crying.  I bring him to our room and let him sleep with us.
4:15 I nurse him to sleep. I'm finally able to fall asleep. 
4:30 He wakes up again crying. I get him back to sleep.
5:00am He wakes again. I get him back to sleep and decide I will not to go back to sleep. 
5:30 He wakes again crying. I nurse him and get him back to sleep. I'm tired. 
6:00 He starts fussing again so I get up, get him dressed and go out to the kitchen. Oddly enough none of the others are awake. I think his tummy is upset and constipated so I try to get him a sippy cup of undiluted apple juice.  I end up putting the wrong lid on the sippy cup and spill it everywhere. Jackson won't let me put him down. I find the right sippy cup and start over, after I get the sippy cup ready, I offer it to him and he rejects it. The reason I believe he is constipated is because I went to change his diaper during  one of the times he was a wake and found the "evidence".

6:15 I see that the coffee hasn't started yet, so I push start and start making my oatmeal. Then I start to prep for the kids breakfast. During this time, Josiah and Jada wake up. Jada is in a great mood and holds Jackson for me so I can finish getting everybody breakfast. She is really good with him. Now Juliet is awake.
6:30 Jameson wakes up. He immediately starts crying saying, "My head, my head." I asked him if he want to eat and get him some breakfast. This makes him feel better. Everyone else has finished eating and wants to watch a movie. I give in and let them.  Jackson  finally lets me put him down and eats a baby rice cracker. I eat my breakfast.
6:45 I make Justin's breakfast.
7:00 I take Justin his breakfast and sit and talk to him. I give Jackson some apple juice.
7:15 I change Jackson's diaper. His tummy should feel better now. Justin starts getting ready for work. I watch Jackson try to snuggle with Jameson. Jameson gives him a hug. 
              Our bed is invaded!

7:20 I get ready for the day.
7:30 I help the younger kids get dressed while the older ones get dressed.
7:40 Josiah starts making Justin's lunch. He loves doing this. I help Justin finish getting ready and check his lunch to make sure everything is in there.
7:45 I go to start Justin's truck and see that one of the dogs got into the trash outside. Thankfully It's not that bad. I pick that up and start the truck. 
7:50 Justin prepares to leave for work and I start straightening up the house. Jackson is very fussy now.
8:00 Justin leaves for work. I have the kids pick up the living room while I nurse Jackson.
8:10 Jackson finishes nursing and seems to be in a better mood. I clear off the table and get things ready to start school.
The kids finish up the living room and Josiah helps me unload dishwasher.
8:30 We start Bible and go over rules and what we are doing today.
8:45 Start school with Jada and Josiah.

Writing a letter to our dear friend.

9:25 Snack and walk.

Finally fell asleep during our walk.

10:00 Continue school
10:30 Realize I forgot to put on my Fitbit. Bummer!
10:45 We take a break. I let everyone go outside. Jada wants me to video her riding her bike down the steps. Let's just say, it doesn't end well.

11:00 I start lunch.
11:30 Finish eating and nap time. We are having an early nap, because I am tired. Josiah and Jada will finish up their school work during this time. Jameson ends up being the only one to take a nap.
1:00pm Somebody wakes up Jameson. Everybody is hungry.
1:15 Time for chores.
1:45 Kids play and I finish cleaning up.
2:15 We start our Butterfly Garden.
Their finished Butterfly Garden. Everyone got their own specific flower seeds to plant.
2:45 Everyone goes back to playing. I nurse Jackson and finish cleaning up.
3:00 Everyone is hungry again. I throw some Cheerios out for them.
3:25 I run out and grab some kindling and start a small fire. It's starting to get chilly in the house. I go ahead and let the kids watch a movie. I'm not going to lie, I'm tired today.
3:40 Jackson is super fussy. I nurse him and get him to sleep.
4:00 Start dinner. Josiah requested goulash. The kids go and play K'nex together.
4:30 Jackson is awake and crying. I quickly get the kids plates dished up and 
walk with Jackson. I think he is tired.
4:45 Just as I get Jackson happy someone throws a bean bag at another and mass chaos breaks out. Finally things settle down, but now Jackson is unhappy again.
5:00 Is it time for bed yet? 
5:25 Juliet practices on the piano. This actually helps make Jackson happy. Jameson decides he need to "practice" too. He sings us songs and plays random keys. Jackson loves it.
5:40 I switch laundry and lay out pajamas for the ones that need it. The kids are playing Hide and Seek.
6:00 I start getting Jackson ready for bed. Then I walk around with him and give him some food to keep him happy until Justin gets home.
6:35 Justin arrives home. I nurse Jackson and put him to sleep. This take a lot longer than usual. He wakes up a few times. 
7:10 I am finally able to sneak out of his room.
7:15 Start getting the others in bed.
7:30 Everyone is in bed.
7:45 We think about installing a revolving door to our room as the kids trickle in and out with various "problems".
8:15 All the kids are asleep. Phew. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Josiah and Jada VS The Sewing Machine

I finally got around to giving Josiah and Jada a sewing lesson. Overall I feel like they both did a good job. I started them out sewing on practice sheets of paper. I downloaded a few from this web site. Once they did well on those, we moved on to sewing hand warmers. I think they turned out well for their first project. They both had a good time and were excited to learn.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

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