Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Juliet vs The Chalazion

Juliet gets stys frequently. As of right now she is four years old.  She has had one chalazion prior to the one she has now. They have always gone away on their own and have never been that painful. This chalazion  just kept growing and became very painful. We ended up taking her to the eye dr after about three weeks. Mainly because it was so painful. He gave her two different antibiotics. One topical and one oral. The chalazion is finally starting to shrink. It did end up rupturing, but not a lot came out. I was hoping that if it did rupture, it would all drain out at once. That was not the case. Hopefully it will get better soon. We take her back in a month.

This is the progression of the chalazion so far. 

Here are some more pictures. 

Click here to see update

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