Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Juliet vs The Chalazion

Juliet gets stys frequently. As of right now she is four years old.  She has had one chalazion prior to the one she has now. They have always gone away on their own and have never been that painful. This chalazion  just kept growing and became very painful. We ended up taking her to the eye dr after about three weeks. Mainly because it was so painful. He gave her two different antibiotics. One topical and one oral. The chalazion is finally starting to shrink. It did end up rupturing, but not a lot came out. I was hoping that if it did rupture, it would all drain out at once. That was not the case. Hopefully it will get better soon. We take her back in a month.

This is the progression of the chalazion so far. 

Here are some more pictures. 

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  1. Hi there! Thank you for posting this. Did your daughter's chalazion go away on its own? My daughter has two right now. One opened up on its own and the other is still under the skin. I just don't know what to do. Nothing seems to help.

    1. Hi, these things are awful! We are actually still trying to get rid of it. She sees the eye dr once a month to monitor it. As long as it's shrinking, they don't want to
      try and remove it. I still have to keep a topical antibiotic on it though. I actually didn't put it on for a few days and it started to get bigger. 😬 She has had ones that have resolved in her own though. I hope this helps, and I hope your little one gets better soon.

  2. How is your daughter? Has the chalazion conditioned improved? What was her timeframe with complete healing? We just went to a pediatric eye dr bc my 6 yr old has one external like your daughter, dame spot, same eye. He has an interior one on his opposite eye, same as being on bottom lid. Please email me at preppymommy85@gmail.com. i would greatly appreciate any advice and info. Its only been 2 weeks but I'm stressed about it. Thank you!!

  3. Did you ever opt for surgery? My 4 year old has had this for 6 months and before it wasn't too big until I began to use hot compresses...its huuuggee now. It has begun to turn white at the top. She has dance class tonight and due to holidays has not been there for 2 weeks. I am so afraid kids will tease her and parents judge me for not getting surgery yet. I was hoping it would drain on its own? Has your daughters gone away ? Any advice would really help teamhope9@hotmail.com is my email : ).

  4. Been fighting these for over a year...now seeking help from the eye doctor this week. It was just one eye and it would go away and come back, now its both. She is only 4 and I don't want to freak her out with the next steps. How did your journey with these things end? Or are you still fighting it? somerville.nicole@live.com

  5. Hi, i have the same problem with my little man he is 2 i tried everything and it just wont go away, can you please tell me how it went with your little girl please? I really apreciate it thank you


    1. Hi,
      I'm sorry about you little ones eye. These things are awful!

      Juliet had struggled with that chalazion for about a year. If I could do it over again I would have asked to have it lanced. She now has significant scarring from it. We have since found a new eye dr. She has also been diagnosed with blepharitis in that eye.
      We have since had more chalazions and styes developed on that eye lid but have been able to control them with hot compresses and cleaning her eye lids. These have been a life saver https://www.amazon.com/OCuSOFT-Scrub-Plus-Pre-Moistened-Count/dp/B000US084U/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1489930810&sr=8-4&keywords=eyelid+cleanser
      So much easier to use than baby shampoo and water. They really help keep the chalazion and styes at bay.
      I hope your little one's chalazion heals up soon!


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